Veterinary Services - The Village Veterinarian - Destin, FL

The Village Veterinarian

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Veterinary Services - The Village Veterinarian - Destin, FL



Regular Services

  • Routine vaccinations
  • Ambulatory service
  • Dentistry 
  • Boarding
  • Drop off services
  • Major and minor surgeries, such as, feline and canine spay and neuters; orthopedic surgeries and much more.
  • House calls for our horse clients.


Boarding Services

We offer the only indoor/outdoor boarding facility in the Destin area. We have thirty large indoor/outdoor style kennels, 5 indoor runs (for our petite size pets), and for our feline friends, we offer nice, roomy kennels. For multiple pet households who's pets get along, they may board together at a discounted price.

We provide food, bowls, blankets and treats. We encourage you to bring your own food to cause as little GI upsets as possible and only a couple of toys, as room is limited and we don't want them to get lost. 

Call for Boarding prices. 

Our canines friends, along with our indoor/outdoor runs get to enjoy a nice play yard to go potty, stretch their legs, run or just to enjoy the outdoors.